Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Power Up Mushrooms and The Super Mario World

power up  mushrooms

funcky font

mushrooms poster print

super mario brothers parody

worn out mario

sick mushroom

I found these posters on a website call pokedstudio.com; the designer said it was inspired by the video game super Mario. I think these posters are awesome because I have never thought of Mario could look like him. It is also very creative that she gave all kinds of characteristic to those mushrooms. It is funny that Mario is wearing a Nike shoe. The mushroom design reminds me those cue mushrooms designs by Takashi Murakami.

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  1. These posters are really interesting. They definitely have that Murakami feeling to them, but they are much more interesting. This is probably so because they have that element of the unexpected. The elements seem at first to be just really cute and familiar, but then you look closer and you realize that the images are actually kind of disturbing and that contradiction makes you keep looking. I don't know if I like the artwork, but it is definitely interesting.