Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shinichi Maruyama

Do you believe someone can create a piece of art in million of a second? Shimichi Maruyama was born in 1968 in Nagano, Japan. He hurls black India ink into water (or visa versa) and photographs the millisecond that these two liquids collide. Capable of capturing this phenomenon at a 7,500th of a second, Maruyama takes full advantage of a recent advancement in strobe light technology which can record physical events faster than the naked eye can perceive them. In the series Kusho, which means “writing in the sky,” Maruyama’s goal is to arrest in space and time the sublime intersection of two different media before they merge into one. In some respects, the project resembles a scientific experiment, but in Maruyama’s artistic hands, the total action becomes a form of Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) performance–with the gesture executed in the air rather than on the flat surface of the paper.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Finding Inspiration

I found this image in a website http://www.webdesignerwall.com I like it a lot because of the style is very unique. The abstract graphics are very detail and stands out. The designer has used many colors, but they fit together very well. The artist discussed the issue of finding inspiration. She states that we should pay attention to smaller detail; she found most of her inspiration from book stores, shopping malls, art supply stores, and art galleries. I learn a lot while I was reading this artical.

Cross in Light

I found this image on Flickr couple days ago. It really catchs my eyes attention because of the use of color. A very good shot by the photographer, really captures the beauty of the night. I always feel that it's so boring of driving in the street. Because every corner looks the same, there is no fun at all. But if the city is colorful like this, there will be a lot more fun while driving.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


While I was searching things for our timeline project, I found this funny human evolution timeline. What's funny about this is that the designer use the timeline to indicates the advertising career evolution. From an intern designer to a Chief Creative Officer, the icon indicates what the position require to do. For example, an intern designer have to use adobe softwares such as Dreamweaver, flash, Illustrator, and Photoshop. A CCO only requires a bottle of alcohol, which means that being a CCO is to have the skill of socializing with clients. What do you guys think about this? when do you think you can become a human in the adverting world?